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All Guilds Meeting - April 2012

Hello everyone!  It's Doobes again with details from our latest All Guilds Meeting in Kirel, one that could win the title for Fastest...AGM...Ever!  I bring our raw and cleansed chatlogs of the proceedings.  Here is what you missed:

Guild of Sleepers

Alien and her crew were first up this month.  She turned it over to new member Rock Ardemar to talk about their anniversary party celebrating their first full year of existence on May 10th.  Details are still forthcoming, but there are plans for both a celebration and hopefully a marker game to go along with their planned event.  Keep checking back here for the latest updates.

Guild of Writers/H'uru

Branan and Hoikas come up next to talk about the latest on their shard, Gehn.  The pod party they held recently that also served as a stress test went very well and provided them with even more ideas for improvement of the server.  They hope to have a new update for the shard in about seven to ten days.  Hoikas was even using the AGM itself, and the people there, to stress test his client, showing they are always busy with something.

Annabelle's Marker Quests Read more

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All Guilds Meeting - February 2012

Another successful event in Kirel!

Today we held another All Guilds Meeting in Kirel while the rest of the Cavern was having the Second Anniversary Celebrations, with Ghaelen streaming some wonderful, relaxing tunes.

Once again, we passed 50 people in Kirel, but luckily, we were been able to convince Chogon to raise the Population Limit to 200 awhile back, so there was no problem and everyone could attend.

The day was still filled with news. You can download the chat logs here: raw and cleansed


Annabelle: Annabelle is putting more time between releases of her Marker Quests because they are becoming harder and harder. She is currently working on the 5th release called "The D'ni Cavern", which will feature Quests in neighborhoods, Kirel, K'veer, the 6 Pubs, and the Great Zero. It should be ready in 2 weeks, and then 6th and 7th releases should follow quite soon. Read more

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November All Guilds Meeting

Here we are again for the summary of the All Guilds Meeting of November.

It wasn't a meeting full of news, but for sure it was a meeting full of questions and talking.

The Chat logs can be downloaded here: Raw and Cleansed


Annabelle: As some of you may have noticed Annabelle published her first set of Marker Games which take place in Ae'gura. This first set of marker games contains 35 quests. A second release is being planned which will include 23 quests and is set to take place in Ahnonay, Teledahn as well as some other Ages. In addition a third release will include 18 quests set in one Age. The location of this release is being kept secret. There are 4 other releases that will take place after. One release for December, January, February and March. Read more

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CAVCON and Guilds Awareness Party

Shorah Explorers,

With the recent news that the CAVCON index has been wrong almost since the beginning some of us have started wondering what could be done to increase again its level.

It was from a proposal by our fellow explorer Gahlen, that we had this idea: make a big party!

From the information we have, many of the regular explorers in the cavern have no idea of the current situation and some of them don't even know that MystOnline is funded solely by fan donations. So we think that there is a big part of our community that is not donating because they have no idea that they can.

From here we got the idea of a big "CAVCON awareness Party" and in the meantime we thought we could also increase explorer awareness of the various Guilds and other community groups. The Guild of Messengers is planning the party in collaboration with other Guilds and D'niJs.

We are trying to make this a 24 hour party which will take place on Friday October 21st, where the D'niJs will stream music and members of the Guilds and other indivisuals will distribute informations about the CAVCON and the many Guilds of D'ni.

We have already gotten collaboration from the major D'niJs of the community, like Donahoo, Lord Chaos and Dichromus, and also from the Guild the Writers, the Guild of Sleepers and the Guild of Healers.

The organization is still going on and everyone is welcome to help us in any way, posting their thoughts and ideas in our Party thread. We are still missing a location for the party, some hours of music streaming are not covered, and we would also like to organize some activities along with the dances and talks. Read more

D'ni Location: 
Hood of Illusions' city
Date of the event: 
October 21, 2011 (All day)
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All Guilds Meeting - October 2011

Like every first Saturday of the month for the last year and a half, we had the All Guilds Meeting in Kirel.

We didn't expect much news or people this time, but the Myst Community is always able to surprise you, so here you can read what happened:

Download the Chat Log: Raw or Cleansed

Guild of Messengers: The last issue of the "Go!" magazine is ready, the articles are sitting in our Wiki waiting for our assembler to pick them up and make a nice PDF out of them. The work on the new magazine has already started and we already have the articles for it, the only question marks remaining are the name of the new magazine and its layout.

Annabelle: Annabelle is famous in the Uru community for her exploration and skydiving skills and also for being the author of many Marker Quests. She is planning to release 200 Quests between the MOULa server and the UAM and DI shards. There are 145 quests scheduled to be released for MOULa while the rest will be for the shards. There will be 35 quests all for Ae'gura which will be released this month.

Guild of Slackers: The Guild of Slackers brought a moment of fun to our meeting. But their first objective for the day was to give a reply to all the voices on the MOULa forums that recently addressed them as the source of all the problems of URU. They replied that they are not here to ruin anything for anyone but are only around to have fun. Read more

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